Vocabulary log #27

1. Convenient
   -fitting in well with a person's need , activities and plans
   -eg : The height of the desk isn't convenient for the children .

   -located in a place that is nearby and easy to get to
   -eg : That shopping mall is always crowded with people because it is convenient to all of the people there.

2. Slag
   -to criticize harshly
   -eg : She always slags off other friends to try to make her looks good

3. Flee
   -to run away from a place or situation of danger
   -eg : They were forced to flee from the village as the communist already arrived .

4. Posh
   -elegant or stylishly luxurious
   -eg : Anne's dream is to have her own posh hotel in the future.

   -in an upper-class way
   -eg : He is trying to talk posh to his old friend .

   -smarten someone or something is getting up
   -eg : She's so posh nowadays ,and refuses to talk to her old friend.

5. Suss
   -discover ; find out something
   -eg : I'll send my bodyguard to suss out those who followed my sister just now.

   -discover the true nation of someone
   -eg : Based on her talking just now, I suss her as a treacherous girl straight away

Vocabulary log #26

1. Plausible
   -possibly true
   -eg : His story is plausible enough , but personally , I didn't believe it.

2. Snappish
  -feeling or showing irritation
   -eg : She was often snappish with children especially when she's tired

3. Stealthy
   -quiet and secret in order to avoid being notice
   -eg : I moved stealthily from room to room

4. Remorse
   -a feeling of guilty
   -eg : I felt a deep remorse for having neglected my best friend over the years

5. Whinge
   -to complain in an annoying way
   -eg : They are whinging about the lack of service at the restaurant

Vocabulary log #25

1. Gaily
   -in a happy and lively way
   -eg : We are seating around the table, gaily teasing each other since we doesn’t meet for few years.

   -in a bright and colourful way
   -eg : She was gaily dressed in lavish costumes.

2. Treacherous
   -not able to be trusted
   -eg : A treacherous friend , she’s been known to turn against people in the blink of an eye.

3. Conviction
   -the feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true
   -eg : You have to speak in conviction to stand your right .

4. Benevolent
   -with kind and generous
   -eg : A benevolent businessman has donated money for the low-income family in the city

5. Embolden
   -to make someone more confident
   -eg : Having a bad result during the last semester has emboldened him to study even harder

Vocabulary log #24

1. Cynic
   -a person who has a negative opinions about other people and about the things people do ; especially : a person who believes that people are selfish and are only interested in helping themselves
   -eg : A cynic who believes that nobody does a good deed without expecting something in return

2. Croon
   -to sing in a low soft voice
   -eg : She decided to croon a lullaby since the baby was crying non stop

3. Chasm
   -a major division ,seperation/ differentiate between two people , groups, etc
  -eg : We can palpably see the wide chasm between rich and poor people

4. Affable 
   -friendly and easy to talk to
   -eg : As an experienced event planner, he knows that having an affable emcee is critical

5. Pine
   -to become thin and weak because of sadness
   -eg : Teenage girls are pining after Zayn Malik quit from One Direction

Vocabulary log #23

1. Oddity 
   -a strange / unusual person or thing
   -eg : The oddity of the situation did not strike him until later

2. blithe
   - showing a lack of proper thought or care ; not caring or not worrying
   -eg : He was blithe about the risks to his health

   - happy and without worry
   -eg : She was loved for her blithe spirit

3. Destitute
   - extremely poor
   -eg : The charity always care about the destitute children

4. Brusque
   -talking or behaving in a very direct, brief and unfriendly way
   - She asked for a cup of coffee but then get a brusque reply : " We don't have any "

5. Brisk
   -moving/speaking quickly
   -eg : They set off a brisk pace when they are too late for class

Vocabulary log #22

1. Rigmarole
   -a lengthy and complicated procedure
   -eg : I hate going through the rigmarole of securing the front door

   -a long , rambling story or statement
   -eg : He told me some rigmarole of having lost his new Iphone 6 and macbook at the same time .

2. Acquaintance 
   -knowledge or experience something
   -eg : She has a little acquaintance about Finland language

   -a person a knows slightly, but who is not a close friend
   -eg : We're not even a best friend, just a casual acquaintance 

3. Conspicuous
   -easy to notice
   -eg : Wearing a bright colour of dress make her conspicuous in a crowd

   -attracting notice or attention by being great or impressive
   -eg : She makes herself conspicuous with her attitude

4. Sardonic 
   -showing that you do not like someone or something
   -eg : I automatically give him a sardonic smile

5. Pique 
   - a sudden feeling of annoyance / anger when someone has offended
   -eg : I was piqued by their lack of consideration and courtesy

Vocabulary Log #21

1. Schadenfreude 
   - enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others
   - eg : She had a feeling of schadenfreude a after the boy who dumped her can't find a date for the dance .

2. Intrigue 
   -make secret plans to do something illicit to someone
   -eg : He uses intrigue to get whatever he wants

   -eg : He was truly intrigued to buy the new design of stiletto from the famous designer to her fiance

3. Deign
   -do something that one considers to beneath one's dignity
   -eg : The richest man in their state deigned to smile when walked in public .

4. Burgeon
   -begin to grow or increase rapidly ; flourish
   -eg : Her intensity in making her own gown design at home burgeoned into a very famous boutique .

5. Parsimony
   -extremely unwillingness to spend money or use sources
   -eg : His parsimony is well-known in the village

Vocabulary Log #20

1. Threadbare (adjective)
   -having the nap worn down so that the filling or warp thread show through (lusuh)
   e.g : I love to wear threadbare shirt but I think this is the time to throw it away .

   -stale (basi)
   e.g : That novel is not so interesting but threadbare cliche

2. Trepidation (noun)
   - a feeling of fear that causes you to hesitate because you think something bad or unpleasant is going to happen . (kebimbangan)
   e.g : Shaking with trepidation, i stepped into the old abandoned house.

3. Malevolent (adjective)
   -having or showing a desire to cause harm to another person (berniat jahat)
   e.g : The malevolent villains try to rob her jewelery  .

4. Visage (noun)
   -a person's face (wajah)
   e.g : There's something hidden behind his visage of happiness

5. Hauteur (noun)
   -arrogance (sikap sombong)
   e.g : She walks into the hotel with hauteur .

Vocabulary log #19

1. Blistering (adjective)
   -very harsh or powerful
   e.g : Her blistering criticism makes everyone in the hall surprise .

   -scorching (panas terik)
   e.g : In Hawaii , the blistering sun gave me sunburn .

2.Wince (verb)
   - to have an expression on your face for a very short time which shows that you are embarrassed or in pain .
   e.g : He winced as the hammer struck his thumb.

3. Limp (verb)
   -to walk in a slow and awkward way because of an injury to a leg or foot
   e.g : After the accident, he limped heavily as he moved

4. Incredulous (adjective)
   -feeling or showing a lack of belief (seolah-olah tidak percaya)
   e.g : After I give her an explanation about the incident, she just give me an incredulous smile.

5. Subtle (adjective)
   -hard to analyse or described
   e.g : The language use in SAT English question expresses esoteric and subtle meaning

Vocabulary log #18

1. Gruesome (adjective)
   -causing horror or disgust (mengerikan)
   e.g : The gruesome massacre was a nightmare for me.

2. Tacit (adjective)
   -expressed or understood without being directly stated or written down (tanpa kata-kata / tanpa bertulis )
   e.g : We have a tacit agreement that if I wash the dishes , she will dries them and put them away

3. Infuriate (verb)
   -to make someone very angry (membuatkan seseorang marah)
   e.g : Her refusal to cooperate make them infuriated.

4. Enliven (verb)
   -to make something more interesting (merancakkan)
   e.g : His arrival enliven our party last night .

5. Inane (adjective)
   -very silly or stupid (bodoh)
   e.g : " Don't badger people with inane question" , said his sister .

Vocabulary log #17

1. Inept (adjective)
   -lacking skill or ability (tidak cekap)
   e.g : She is such an inept secretary who can't seem to keep her boss's appointments straight.

   -not suitable to the time ,place , or occasion (tidak sesuai pada tempatnya)
   e.g : The inept comment can make someone offended .

2. Flee (verb)
   -to run away from danger (lari)
   e.g : The villagers fled from the rising water since this morning .

3. Eccentricity (noun)
  -an act or habit that is strange or unusual (kelakuan aneh)
   e.g : She showed astonishing eccentricity in her dress last prom night .

4. Ginormous (adjective)
   -extremely large (sangat besar)
   e.g : That boy with a ginormous hazelnut eyes really fascinates me .

5. Statuesque (adjective)
   -tall and beautiful (tinggi menawan)
   e.g : The woman of a statuesque proportions over there such a perfect one with her politeness

Vocabulary log #16

1. Torment (noun)
   -something that causes extreme physical or mental pain (seksaan)
   e.g : Sitting still was a torment to me and caused a stressful life .

2. Scepticism (noun)
   -an attitude of doubting the truth of something (sikap ragu ragu)
   e.g : The teacher nodded with scepticism when listened to his excuses .

3. Remonstrate (verb)
   -to disagree and argue or complain about something (membantah)
   e.g : She always remonstrate every time I give my opinion .

4. Plausible (adjective)
   -possibly true (munasabah)
   e.g : The story is plausible enough but they still didn't believe it .

5. Presumptuous (adjective)
   -too confident especially in a way that is rude (terlalu berani)
   e.g : It's a little presumptuous of you to assume that I'm your new best friend just because I invited you along

Vocabulary #15

1. Confer (verb)
   -to discuss something important in order to make a decision (berbincang)
   e.g : I am trying to confer with my parents about the sponsor .

2. Amble (verb)
   -to walk slowly in a free and relaxed way (jalan yang perlahan)
   e.g : She is ambling along the beach alone .

3. Exhilarating (adjective)
   -to cause someone feel very happy and excited (sangat menggembirakan)
   e.g : It was an exhilarating experience during the vacation.

4. Mirth (noun)
   -happiness and laughter (keriangan)
   e.g : Her clumsy attempt to cut the cake was cause of much mirth 

5. Maquillage (noun)
   e.g : the aging actress's thick maquillage make her look like a parody of herself

Reading log #1


3 interesting words :

1. Demeanor (noun)
   - behavior towards others (sikap)
   e.g : Her calm demeanor put me at ease in my first class here.

2. Unnerving (verb)
   - to make someone feel afraid or upset and unable to think clearly (menggetarkan)
   e.g : The riding accident so unnerved me that for a while i was afraid to get back on a horse

3. Sporadic (adjective)
   -happening often but not regularly (sekali-sekala)
   e.g : Sporadic loud noise kept startling everyone

Short Response : 

     I like the novel because it tells the reader that there will be a way to settle any problem and move on . So do for the couple who had breakup . Kira do has the breakup formula and willing to help Joey to move on and obliterate his memory with his ex-girlfriend , Fiona. She tried her best so that Joey will continue his day as usual - not being a taciturn one. But at the same time, no one knew that Kira also help herself on her breakup . By advising others, we will automatically advise ourselves . Be good to others, and the good will come to you . Just live your life happily because every problems have their own medicine . Feel free to help other people in their problem because maybe there will be one time that we need someone desperately to settle our own problem.


Film Review #2


3 interesting words :

1. Defiance (noun)
   -a refusal to obey something or someone (keingkaran)
   e.g : He shows his defiance by not taking out the trash

2. Quaint (adjective)
   -unusual quality or appearance that is usually attractive or appealing (pelik tetapi menarik)
   e.g : The writer talks about the quaint customs of the natives

3. Taciturn (adjective)
   -tending to be quite (diam)
   e.g : That taciturn man almost never initiates a conversation

Short response :

     One lesson I learned from this movie is alliances are important even if they are temporary . Katniss is always well-aware of the fact that there will be only one victor of the Hunger Games . However, she keeps forming alliances with fellow competitor Rue . So in life, we are going to face variety of situations that may be better navigated with others. As usual, people come and go in life, that's just a cycle of life . The people you meet maybe can simply serve a purpose for the time they are there . Do take people for what they are worth and what they can offer in any particular situations.

Vocabulary log #14

1. Villain (noun)
   -a person who does bad things (orang jahat)
   e.g : All of the villains in my housing area have been caught.

2. Skive (verb)
   -to avoid school or work by staying away or by leaving without permission (mengelat)
   e.g : He always skives when working at his mother's restaurant.

3. Ponder (verb)
   -to think about something carefully (berfikir-fikir)
   e.g : He always take a long time on pondering his next move when playing chess.

4. Crucify (verb)
   -to criticize someone or something very harshly (mengkritik dgn kasar)
   e.g : She crucify my work without feeling guilty

   -put to death on the cross (menyalib)
   e.g : The villain has been crucified last day.

5. Pushy (adjective)
   -using forceful methods to make others do what you want them to do (mendesak)
   e.g : Everyone annoyed with her pushy action.

Vocabulary log #13

1. Stride (verb)
   -to walk with very long step (langkah)
   e.g : He crossed the ditch in one effortlessly stride

2. Waddle (verb)
   -to walk with short steps while moving from side to side like duck (terkedek-kedek)
   e.g : They're giggling when seeing a fat man walks with a waddle .

3. Witless ( adjective)
   -very foolish or stupid (bodoh)
   e.g : There's no one can answer that witless question.

4. Impersonate (verb)
   -to pretend to be another person (menyamar)
   e.g : She impersonates her mother when gets a phone call from anonymous.

5. Rapture (noun)
   -a state or feeling of great happiness,pleasure or love (rasa sangat gembira)
   e.g : She is in rapture when being announced as the best student in her school for this year.

Vocabulary log #12

1. Befuddled (adjective)
   -perplexed (kebingungan)
   e.g : He had a befuddled expression on his face

2. Vulnerable (adjective)
   -"of person" easily harmed (mudah terdedah pada bahaya)
   e.g : Since babies are vulnerable, all of the parents are advised to look after theirs every single time.

3. Aghast (adjective)
   -filled with horror or shock (terkejut,tergamam)
  e.g : She stands aghast when there's a lot of birthday present on her bed

4. Glimpse (noun)
  -momentary , incomplete view (sekali imbas)
   e.g : As we stand far away from her, we just can have a glimpse of her.

   -flash (bayangan sekilas)
   e.g: I get a better glimpse of Joey's relationship with Fiona.

5. Dreary (adjective)
   -gloomy,dismal (suram,muram)
   e.g : The dreary afternoon makes me sleepy

Vocabulary Log #11

1. Sophisticated (adjective)
   -having, revealing or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture
   e.g : Mary becomes sophisticated after she went abroad

   -(of a machine,system, or technique) developed to a high degree complexity (canggih)
   e.g : They have their own sophisticated electronic equipment .

2. Stupor (noun)
   - a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility (hampir pengsan)
   e.g : The woman stupor when she knew that her youngest children passed away.

3. Assuage (verb)
   -make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense (meredakan)
   e.g : He send a bouquet of roses to his girlfriend's house to assuage the guilt over his promises that would never happened.

4. Maneuver (verb)
   -to move in a skillful way
   e.g : I maneuvered my way around the corner

5. Precarious (adjective)
   -dangerous,likely to fail (berbahaya)
   e.g : The new playground looks precarious , so my mother doesn't allow any of us playing there

Vocabulary Log #10

1. Distrungled (adjective)
   -angry or dissatisfied (merungut)
   e.g : The students were disgruntled because their school canteen sold the unhealthy foods

2. Utter (adjective)
   -complete , absolute (betul-betul)
   e.g : That girl is utter fascinating .

3. Overwhelmed (verb)
   -cover completely , submerge (menenggelami)
   e.g : The flood in Kelantan last year overwhelmed all of the houses and buildings

   -cause to feel embarrassed ,helpless,surprised (by someone kindness ) (sungguh terharu)
   e.g : I was overwhelmed of her kindness

4. Shiver (verb)
   -shake slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold , frightened or excited (menggigil)
   e.g : He is shivering when seeing a man wants to kill a little child

5. Treacherous (adjective)
   -guilty of or involving betrayal or deception (khianat)
   e.g : That treacherous man has a lot of enemies

Film Review #1


3 interesting words that had been chosen during watching this film are :

1.     1.Suppress (verb)
   -to stop something by using force (menindas , menumpaskan)
   e.g : They tried their best to suppress the piracy on the high seas

   -to stop something from being seen or known (memendamkan)
   e.g : She suppresses her sadness in front of her friends

2.      2.Elude (verb)
   -to manage to avoid being caught (mengelakkan diri)
   e.g : The escaped Panda knows how to elude itself from the zoo keepers

   -to be difficult or impossible to remember (tidak ingat)
   e.g : I know how to solve this question but its formula eludes me

3.      3.Sedate (verb / adjective)
   -(adjective) quiet,calm and well-behaved (tenang)
   e.g : His mother persuades him until he become sedate after crying all night long because of the             nightmare

   -(verb) to give somebody a drug or medicine to make him/her feel calm or want to sleep
   e.g : The doctor sedates one of her patient who is suffering from mental problem

For the short response , i chose one of the prompts given which was “Would you watch this material again ? Why/why not” . Insidious 2 is a horror movie , of course I’m not going to watch this material again when I’m alone because I have a high imagination I think ,so when I watch this movie I will imagine everything about the ghost and this makes me more scared to do everything in my real life . But, the movie is very best and exciting . I swear . Do watch this movie and if you’re the type of person like me , watch it with your friends or family members so that you’re not too scared. The plot of this movie is very complicated . I don’t know how to explain how complicated Josh was when he tried his best to get into his body again to safe his family members and live with them happily . Do watch this , seriously you’re not going to be upset . Believe me ! haha

Vocabulary Log #9

1. Hoarse (adjective)
  -(of a person's voice) sounding rough and harsh (serak)
   e.g : She didn't talk much because she had a hoarse voice as she got the sore throat

2. Obliterate (verb)
   - destroy utterly ; wipe out (menghapuskan)
   e.g : Kate is obliterating her memory with her ex-boyfriend

3. Smithereens (noun)
   -small pieces (berkecai)
   e.g : the stone hit the windshield and smashed it into smithereens 

4. Mutter (verb)
   - say something in a low or barely audio voice ,especially in dissatisfaction or irritation
      (merungut dengan suara perlahan)
   e.g : Please stop muttering, do speak it out loud .

5. Excruciating (adjective)
   -intensely painful (sangat sakit)
   e.g : Having a backstabbing friend is so excruciating.

Vocabulary Log #8

1. Inevitably (adverb)
   -as is certain to happen ; unavoidably (tak boleh elak)
   e.g : Inevitably, her mother fainted as she got the call .

2. Twinge (noun)
   - a sudden, sharp localized pain (rasa mencucuk / pedih)
   e.g : He can't fell asleep when he feel twinge in her stomach

   - a brief experience of an emotion ,typically and unpleasant one (perasaan tidak menyenangkan)
   e.g : Anne felt a twinge of guilty when she left her bestfriend alone there

3. Qualm (noun)
   -an uneasy feeling of doubt,worry,or fear especially about one's own conduct , a misgiving
   e.g : I am still in qualm to choose my future career

4. Groan (verb)
   -to make a deep sound because of pain or some strong emotion / to show that you're unhappy with something (mengeluh)
   e.g : They are moaning and groaning while finishing their assignments

5. Vaguely (adverb)
   -in a way that is uncertain, indefinite or unclear, roughly (samar-samar, agak)
   e.g : She vaguely remembered met him once

Vocabulary log #7

1. Wary (adjective)
   - careful because you are uncertain or afraid of somebody or something (berhati-hati)
   e.g : She becomes wary after she has been robbed

2. Accuse (verb)
   -to say that somebody has done something wrong or broken the law (menuduh, dituduh)
   e.g : He was accused of the cheating

3. Quandary (nouns)
   -a state of not being able to decide what to do ; a difficult situation (keadaan serba salah)
   e.g : I'm in quandary whether I've to meet him or not

4. Meticulous (adjective) 
   -giving or showing great attention to detail ; very careful (sangat teliti)
   e.g : You must be meticulous on additional mathematics calculation

5. Snob (noun)
   -a person who thinks he/she is better than somebody of a lower social class and who admires people who have a high social position (penyombong)
   e.g : Don't you ever be such a snob person even when you're studying abroad

Vocabulary log #6

1. Frown (verb)
   -to show you very angry ,serious,etc by making lines appear on your forehead above your nose
   (mengerutkan dahi)
   e.g : Elsa is frowning when her enemy dates her boyfriend

2. Mildly (adverb)
   -not very, slightly (agak sedikit)
   e.g : Audrey was mildly interested about the camp .

3. Lease (noun)
   -a legal agreement that allows you to use a building or land for a fixed period of time in return for rent (janjian sewaan , pajakan )
   e.g : He will move to another house when the lease on his apartment runs out

4. Resemble (verb)
  -to be or look like somebody or something else
   e.g : They said that I resemble my bestfriend

5. Fraternity (noun)
   -the feeling of friendship and support between people in the same group (persaudaraan, ukhuwah)
   e.g : I tell my friend that if one more person from my fraternity gets engaged before me, I'm done !

Vocabulary log #5

1. Whined (verb)
   - to complain about something in an annoying ,crying voice (merungut,merengek)
   e.g : The girl whined because the class was so uncomfortable

2. Mansion (nouns)
   -a very large house (rumah agam)
   e.g : My wishlist is to have a mansion in the future

3. Slob (nouns)
   -(used as an insult) a very lazy or untidy person (orang yang malas atau selekeh)
   e.g : The slob get less friend and the potential to be success is low

4. Scoffing (verb)
  -to speak about something or somebody in a way that shows you think that he/she/it is stupid or        ridiculous (mengejek,mentertawakan)
   e.g : The interviewers scoff when she explains her answer just to test her self esteem

   -to eat a lot of something quickly (melahap)
   e.g : I just see they scoff the meal after the marathon

5. Fascinate (verb)
   -to attract or interest somebody very much (menarik minat)
   e.g : Her creativity always fascinates me

Vocabulary log #4

1. Squabble (verb)
   -to argue in a noisy way about something that is not very important (bergaduh, bertengkar)
   e.g : When they were together they seem to squabble

2. Pathetic (adjective)
   -causing you to feel pity or sadness (menyedihkan)
   e.g : It is so pathetic to see the children crying for food .

   -very bad,weak or useless (teruk, lemah, tidak memuaskan)
   e.g : Our lecturer reminds us for not producing a pathetic work .

3. Irritable (adjective)
   -becoming angry easily (cepat marah )
   e.g : Please don't be an irritable one

4. Ought to (modal verb)
   -used to say what somebody should do
   -used to say what should happen or what you expect
   -used for asking for and giving advice about what to do
   e.g : We ought to drink more plain water everyday

5. Fidgeted (verb)
   -to keep moving your body,hands or feet because you are nervous,bored,excited,etc (meresah)
   e.g : He fidgeted nervously waiting for his mother's operation to be done .

Vocabulary log #3

1. Gross (adjective)
   -very rude and unpleasant (kasar)
   e.g : Don't be so gross to your teacher

   -very fat and ugly (gemuk gedempol serta hodoh)
   e.g : The gross girl always walks alone because no one wants to be friend with her .

2. Tie down (phrasal verbs)
   -to limit somebody's/your freedom (membuat seseorang terikat)
   e.g : This is so annoying when her boyfriend ties her down

3. Devastated (adjective)
   -extremely shocked and upset (sangat terkejut dan sedih)
   e.g : We are devastated when our teacher passed away

4. Suburbs (noun)
   -an area where people live that is outside the central part of a town or city (pinggir bandar)
   e.g : It is so cozy to stay in the suburbs

5. miserable (adjective)
   -very unhappy (sedih , muram )
   e.g : She looks miserable after getting the result

   -too small or of bad quality (sangat sedikit)
   e.g : I'm not going to buy for a miserable thing

Vocabulary log #2

1. Shrug (verb)
   -to lift your shoulders as a way of showing that you do not know something or are not interested
     (mengangkat bahu)
   e.g : He shrugged everytime his friends asked him about that girl.

2. Rattle (verb)
   - to make a noise like hard things hitting each other or to shake something so it makes this noise
     (mendetar-detarkan , menggoncang)
   e.g : They rattle the ice in their glass at the same time .

3. Mourn (verb)
   -to feel and show great sadness , especially because somebody has died (bersedih, berkabung)
   e.g : All of the people are still mourning for the lost of MH370

4. Receding hairline (adjective)
   -(used about a man's hair) to fall out and stop growing at the front of the head
    (semakin botak di depan)
   e.g : That boy with receding hairline is my new classmate

5. Pretentious (adjective)
   -trying to appear more serious or important than you really are (menunjuk-nunjuk , berlagak)
   e.g : They said that we are pretentious when we speak in foreign language

Vocabulary log #1

Hello guys ! I'm updating my first week vocabulary :D So lets learn together ! :D

1. Squeal  (verb)
   - to make a loud high noise because of pain, fear or enjoyment (Menjerit)
   e.g : She squealed and run towards her mother when she saw a big fat snake

2. Shove (verb)
   -to push with a sudden,rough movement (Menolak)
   e.g : Anne shoves four of her nieces into the bed

3. Horrid (adjective)
   -very unpleasant or unkind (Teruk, bersikap kasar)
   e.g : He was scolded by his mother because he was so horrid at his party last night

4. Bald (adjective)
   -(used about people) having little or no hair on your head (Botak)
   e.g : He went bald after the wardens had a spot check

5. Suffocating (adjective)
   -to die because there is no air to breathe; to kill somebody in this way (mati lemas,melemaskan)
   e.g : She asks her friends to keep the windows open to avoid from suffocating

The Preparation

Hello Guys ! I am doing my American Preparatory Program at KKTM Ledang for 10 months and I'll fly to USA ! uhhuuuu :D . But I've to pass all of this : TOEFL >90 , SAT >1000 , TPNG >3.5 and free from any of discipline cases . So now I got the English assignment which I've to post them to my blog. What should i need to have here are Vocabulary log which i need to learn 5 new words per day and write one sentence for each meaning. Next, I have to have the Reading log which I've to read at least one novel every week and write a short response to the input based on questions that have been provided and also choose 3 interesting words and create a sentence . Then, the Film Review. I have to watch at least one English movie and choose 3 interesting words and write the sentences to demonstrate the meaning of those words. I also have to write a short response to the input same as the reading log . For the Writing log I've to discuss and build the outline of 5 essay questions in groups each week . So these are for my English assignments . Lastly, pray for my TOEFL , SAT, TPNG and all so that I can FLY TO USA SOON . Stay tuned guys ! :D