Vocabulary log #1

Hello guys ! I'm updating my first week vocabulary :D So lets learn together ! :D

1. Squeal  (verb)
   - to make a loud high noise because of pain, fear or enjoyment (Menjerit)
   e.g : She squealed and run towards her mother when she saw a big fat snake

2. Shove (verb)
   -to push with a sudden,rough movement (Menolak)
   e.g : Anne shoves four of her nieces into the bed

3. Horrid (adjective)
   -very unpleasant or unkind (Teruk, bersikap kasar)
   e.g : He was scolded by his mother because he was so horrid at his party last night

4. Bald (adjective)
   -(used about people) having little or no hair on your head (Botak)
   e.g : He went bald after the wardens had a spot check

5. Suffocating (adjective)
   -to die because there is no air to breathe; to kill somebody in this way (mati lemas,melemaskan)
   e.g : She asks her friends to keep the windows open to avoid from suffocating


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