Vocabulary #15

1. Confer (verb)
   -to discuss something important in order to make a decision (berbincang)
   e.g : I am trying to confer with my parents about the sponsor .

2. Amble (verb)
   -to walk slowly in a free and relaxed way (jalan yang perlahan)
   e.g : She is ambling along the beach alone .

3. Exhilarating (adjective)
   -to cause someone feel very happy and excited (sangat menggembirakan)
   e.g : It was an exhilarating experience during the vacation.

4. Mirth (noun)
   -happiness and laughter (keriangan)
   e.g : Her clumsy attempt to cut the cake was cause of much mirth 

5. Maquillage (noun)
   e.g : the aging actress's thick maquillage make her look like a parody of herself


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