Vocabulary log #12

1. Befuddled (adjective)
   -perplexed (kebingungan)
   e.g : He had a befuddled expression on his face

2. Vulnerable (adjective)
   -"of person" easily harmed (mudah terdedah pada bahaya)
   e.g : Since babies are vulnerable, all of the parents are advised to look after theirs every single time.

3. Aghast (adjective)
   -filled with horror or shock (terkejut,tergamam)
  e.g : She stands aghast when there's a lot of birthday present on her bed

4. Glimpse (noun)
  -momentary , incomplete view (sekali imbas)
   e.g : As we stand far away from her, we just can have a glimpse of her.

   -flash (bayangan sekilas)
   e.g: I get a better glimpse of Joey's relationship with Fiona.

5. Dreary (adjective)
   -gloomy,dismal (suram,muram)
   e.g : The dreary afternoon makes me sleepy


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