Film Review #1


3 interesting words that had been chosen during watching this film are :

1.     1.Suppress (verb)
   -to stop something by using force (menindas , menumpaskan)
   e.g : They tried their best to suppress the piracy on the high seas

   -to stop something from being seen or known (memendamkan)
   e.g : She suppresses her sadness in front of her friends

2.      2.Elude (verb)
   -to manage to avoid being caught (mengelakkan diri)
   e.g : The escaped Panda knows how to elude itself from the zoo keepers

   -to be difficult or impossible to remember (tidak ingat)
   e.g : I know how to solve this question but its formula eludes me

3.      3.Sedate (verb / adjective)
   -(adjective) quiet,calm and well-behaved (tenang)
   e.g : His mother persuades him until he become sedate after crying all night long because of the             nightmare

   -(verb) to give somebody a drug or medicine to make him/her feel calm or want to sleep
   e.g : The doctor sedates one of her patient who is suffering from mental problem

For the short response , i chose one of the prompts given which was “Would you watch this material again ? Why/why not” . Insidious 2 is a horror movie , of course I’m not going to watch this material again when I’m alone because I have a high imagination I think ,so when I watch this movie I will imagine everything about the ghost and this makes me more scared to do everything in my real life . But, the movie is very best and exciting . I swear . Do watch this movie and if you’re the type of person like me , watch it with your friends or family members so that you’re not too scared. The plot of this movie is very complicated . I don’t know how to explain how complicated Josh was when he tried his best to get into his body again to safe his family members and live with them happily . Do watch this , seriously you’re not going to be upset . Believe me ! haha


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