Vocabulary log #19

1. Blistering (adjective)
   -very harsh or powerful
   e.g : Her blistering criticism makes everyone in the hall surprise .

   -scorching (panas terik)
   e.g : In Hawaii , the blistering sun gave me sunburn .

2.Wince (verb)
   - to have an expression on your face for a very short time which shows that you are embarrassed or in pain .
   e.g : He winced as the hammer struck his thumb.

3. Limp (verb)
   -to walk in a slow and awkward way because of an injury to a leg or foot
   e.g : After the accident, he limped heavily as he moved

4. Incredulous (adjective)
   -feeling or showing a lack of belief (seolah-olah tidak percaya)
   e.g : After I give her an explanation about the incident, she just give me an incredulous smile.

5. Subtle (adjective)
   -hard to analyse or described
   e.g : The language use in SAT English question expresses esoteric and subtle meaning


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