Vocabulary log #14

1. Villain (noun)
   -a person who does bad things (orang jahat)
   e.g : All of the villains in my housing area have been caught.

2. Skive (verb)
   -to avoid school or work by staying away or by leaving without permission (mengelat)
   e.g : He always skives when working at his mother's restaurant.

3. Ponder (verb)
   -to think about something carefully (berfikir-fikir)
   e.g : He always take a long time on pondering his next move when playing chess.

4. Crucify (verb)
   -to criticize someone or something very harshly (mengkritik dgn kasar)
   e.g : She crucify my work without feeling guilty

   -put to death on the cross (menyalib)
   e.g : The villain has been crucified last day.

5. Pushy (adjective)
   -using forceful methods to make others do what you want them to do (mendesak)
   e.g : Everyone annoyed with her pushy action.


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