Vocabulary log #23

1. Oddity 
   -a strange / unusual person or thing
   -eg : The oddity of the situation did not strike him until later

2. blithe
   - showing a lack of proper thought or care ; not caring or not worrying
   -eg : He was blithe about the risks to his health

   - happy and without worry
   -eg : She was loved for her blithe spirit

3. Destitute
   - extremely poor
   -eg : The charity always care about the destitute children

4. Brusque
   -talking or behaving in a very direct, brief and unfriendly way
   - She asked for a cup of coffee but then get a brusque reply : " We don't have any "

5. Brisk
   -moving/speaking quickly
   -eg : They set off a brisk pace when they are too late for class


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