Vocabulary log #17

1. Inept (adjective)
   -lacking skill or ability (tidak cekap)
   e.g : She is such an inept secretary who can't seem to keep her boss's appointments straight.

   -not suitable to the time ,place , or occasion (tidak sesuai pada tempatnya)
   e.g : The inept comment can make someone offended .

2. Flee (verb)
   -to run away from danger (lari)
   e.g : The villagers fled from the rising water since this morning .

3. Eccentricity (noun)
  -an act or habit that is strange or unusual (kelakuan aneh)
   e.g : She showed astonishing eccentricity in her dress last prom night .

4. Ginormous (adjective)
   -extremely large (sangat besar)
   e.g : That boy with a ginormous hazelnut eyes really fascinates me .

5. Statuesque (adjective)
   -tall and beautiful (tinggi menawan)
   e.g : The woman of a statuesque proportions over there such a perfect one with her politeness


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