Vocabulary log #5

1. Whined (verb)
   - to complain about something in an annoying ,crying voice (merungut,merengek)
   e.g : The girl whined because the class was so uncomfortable

2. Mansion (nouns)
   -a very large house (rumah agam)
   e.g : My wishlist is to have a mansion in the future

3. Slob (nouns)
   -(used as an insult) a very lazy or untidy person (orang yang malas atau selekeh)
   e.g : The slob get less friend and the potential to be success is low

4. Scoffing (verb)
  -to speak about something or somebody in a way that shows you think that he/she/it is stupid or        ridiculous (mengejek,mentertawakan)
   e.g : The interviewers scoff when she explains her answer just to test her self esteem

   -to eat a lot of something quickly (melahap)
   e.g : I just see they scoff the meal after the marathon

5. Fascinate (verb)
   -to attract or interest somebody very much (menarik minat)
   e.g : Her creativity always fascinates me


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