Vocabulary Log #8

1. Inevitably (adverb)
   -as is certain to happen ; unavoidably (tak boleh elak)
   e.g : Inevitably, her mother fainted as she got the call .

2. Twinge (noun)
   - a sudden, sharp localized pain (rasa mencucuk / pedih)
   e.g : He can't fell asleep when he feel twinge in her stomach

   - a brief experience of an emotion ,typically and unpleasant one (perasaan tidak menyenangkan)
   e.g : Anne felt a twinge of guilty when she left her bestfriend alone there

3. Qualm (noun)
   -an uneasy feeling of doubt,worry,or fear especially about one's own conduct , a misgiving
   e.g : I am still in qualm to choose my future career

4. Groan (verb)
   -to make a deep sound because of pain or some strong emotion / to show that you're unhappy with something (mengeluh)
   e.g : They are moaning and groaning while finishing their assignments

5. Vaguely (adverb)
   -in a way that is uncertain, indefinite or unclear, roughly (samar-samar, agak)
   e.g : She vaguely remembered met him once


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