Vocabulary Log #21

1. Schadenfreude 
   - enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others
   - eg : She had a feeling of schadenfreude a after the boy who dumped her can't find a date for the dance .

2. Intrigue 
   -make secret plans to do something illicit to someone
   -eg : He uses intrigue to get whatever he wants

   -eg : He was truly intrigued to buy the new design of stiletto from the famous designer to her fiance

3. Deign
   -do something that one considers to beneath one's dignity
   -eg : The richest man in their state deigned to smile when walked in public .

4. Burgeon
   -begin to grow or increase rapidly ; flourish
   -eg : Her intensity in making her own gown design at home burgeoned into a very famous boutique .

5. Parsimony
   -extremely unwillingness to spend money or use sources
   -eg : His parsimony is well-known in the village


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