Vocabulary log #27

1. Convenient
   -fitting in well with a person's need , activities and plans
   -eg : The height of the desk isn't convenient for the children .

   -located in a place that is nearby and easy to get to
   -eg : That shopping mall is always crowded with people because it is convenient to all of the people there.

2. Slag
   -to criticize harshly
   -eg : She always slags off other friends to try to make her looks good

3. Flee
   -to run away from a place or situation of danger
   -eg : They were forced to flee from the village as the communist already arrived .

4. Posh
   -elegant or stylishly luxurious
   -eg : Anne's dream is to have her own posh hotel in the future.

   -in an upper-class way
   -eg : He is trying to talk posh to his old friend .

   -smarten someone or something is getting up
   -eg : She's so posh nowadays ,and refuses to talk to her old friend.

5. Suss
   -discover ; find out something
   -eg : I'll send my bodyguard to suss out those who followed my sister just now.

   -discover the true nation of someone
   -eg : Based on her talking just now, I suss her as a treacherous girl straight away


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