Vocabulary log #18

1. Gruesome (adjective)
   -causing horror or disgust (mengerikan)
   e.g : The gruesome massacre was a nightmare for me.

2. Tacit (adjective)
   -expressed or understood without being directly stated or written down (tanpa kata-kata / tanpa bertulis )
   e.g : We have a tacit agreement that if I wash the dishes , she will dries them and put them away

3. Infuriate (verb)
   -to make someone very angry (membuatkan seseorang marah)
   e.g : Her refusal to cooperate make them infuriated.

4. Enliven (verb)
   -to make something more interesting (merancakkan)
   e.g : His arrival enliven our party last night .

5. Inane (adjective)
   -very silly or stupid (bodoh)
   e.g : " Don't badger people with inane question" , said his sister .


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