Vocabulary log #27

1. Convenient
   -fitting in well with a person's need , activities and plans
   -eg : The height of the desk isn't convenient for the children .

   -located in a place that is nearby and easy to get to
   -eg : That shopping mall is always crowded with people because it is convenient to all of the people there.

2. Slag
   -to criticize harshly
   -eg : She always slags off other friends to try to make her looks good

3. Flee
   -to run away from a place or situation of danger
   -eg : They were forced to flee from the village as the communist already arrived .

4. Posh
   -elegant or stylishly luxurious
   -eg : Anne's dream is to have her own posh hotel in the future.

   -in an upper-class way
   -eg : He is trying to talk posh to his old friend .

   -smarten someone or something is getting up
   -eg : She's so posh nowadays ,and refuses to talk to her old friend.

5. Suss
   -discover ; find out something
   -eg : I'll send my bodyguard to suss out those who followed my sister just now.

   -discover the true nation of someone
   -eg : Based on her talking just now, I suss her as a treacherous girl straight away

Vocabulary log #26

1. Plausible
   -possibly true
   -eg : His story is plausible enough , but personally , I didn't believe it.

2. Snappish
  -feeling or showing irritation
   -eg : She was often snappish with children especially when she's tired

3. Stealthy
   -quiet and secret in order to avoid being notice
   -eg : I moved stealthily from room to room

4. Remorse
   -a feeling of guilty
   -eg : I felt a deep remorse for having neglected my best friend over the years

5. Whinge
   -to complain in an annoying way
   -eg : They are whinging about the lack of service at the restaurant

Vocabulary log #25

1. Gaily
   -in a happy and lively way
   -eg : We are seating around the table, gaily teasing each other since we doesn’t meet for few years.

   -in a bright and colourful way
   -eg : She was gaily dressed in lavish costumes.

2. Treacherous
   -not able to be trusted
   -eg : A treacherous friend , she’s been known to turn against people in the blink of an eye.

3. Conviction
   -the feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true
   -eg : You have to speak in conviction to stand your right .

4. Benevolent
   -with kind and generous
   -eg : A benevolent businessman has donated money for the low-income family in the city

5. Embolden
   -to make someone more confident
   -eg : Having a bad result during the last semester has emboldened him to study even harder

Vocabulary log #24

1. Cynic
   -a person who has a negative opinions about other people and about the things people do ; especially : a person who believes that people are selfish and are only interested in helping themselves
   -eg : A cynic who believes that nobody does a good deed without expecting something in return

2. Croon
   -to sing in a low soft voice
   -eg : She decided to croon a lullaby since the baby was crying non stop

3. Chasm
   -a major division ,seperation/ differentiate between two people , groups, etc
  -eg : We can palpably see the wide chasm between rich and poor people

4. Affable 
   -friendly and easy to talk to
   -eg : As an experienced event planner, he knows that having an affable emcee is critical

5. Pine
   -to become thin and weak because of sadness
   -eg : Teenage girls are pining after Zayn Malik quit from One Direction

Vocabulary log #23

1. Oddity 
   -a strange / unusual person or thing
   -eg : The oddity of the situation did not strike him until later

2. blithe
   - showing a lack of proper thought or care ; not caring or not worrying
   -eg : He was blithe about the risks to his health

   - happy and without worry
   -eg : She was loved for her blithe spirit

3. Destitute
   - extremely poor
   -eg : The charity always care about the destitute children

4. Brusque
   -talking or behaving in a very direct, brief and unfriendly way
   - She asked for a cup of coffee but then get a brusque reply : " We don't have any "

5. Brisk
   -moving/speaking quickly
   -eg : They set off a brisk pace when they are too late for class

Vocabulary log #22

1. Rigmarole
   -a lengthy and complicated procedure
   -eg : I hate going through the rigmarole of securing the front door

   -a long , rambling story or statement
   -eg : He told me some rigmarole of having lost his new Iphone 6 and macbook at the same time .

2. Acquaintance 
   -knowledge or experience something
   -eg : She has a little acquaintance about Finland language

   -a person a knows slightly, but who is not a close friend
   -eg : We're not even a best friend, just a casual acquaintance 

3. Conspicuous
   -easy to notice
   -eg : Wearing a bright colour of dress make her conspicuous in a crowd

   -attracting notice or attention by being great or impressive
   -eg : She makes herself conspicuous with her attitude

4. Sardonic 
   -showing that you do not like someone or something
   -eg : I automatically give him a sardonic smile

5. Pique 
   - a sudden feeling of annoyance / anger when someone has offended
   -eg : I was piqued by their lack of consideration and courtesy

Vocabulary Log #21

1. Schadenfreude 
   - enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others
   - eg : She had a feeling of schadenfreude a after the boy who dumped her can't find a date for the dance .

2. Intrigue 
   -make secret plans to do something illicit to someone
   -eg : He uses intrigue to get whatever he wants

   -eg : He was truly intrigued to buy the new design of stiletto from the famous designer to her fiance

3. Deign
   -do something that one considers to beneath one's dignity
   -eg : The richest man in their state deigned to smile when walked in public .

4. Burgeon
   -begin to grow or increase rapidly ; flourish
   -eg : Her intensity in making her own gown design at home burgeoned into a very famous boutique .

5. Parsimony
   -extremely unwillingness to spend money or use sources
   -eg : His parsimony is well-known in the village