Vocabulary log #3

1. Gross (adjective)
   -very rude and unpleasant (kasar)
   e.g : Don't be so gross to your teacher

   -very fat and ugly (gemuk gedempol serta hodoh)
   e.g : The gross girl always walks alone because no one wants to be friend with her .

2. Tie down (phrasal verbs)
   -to limit somebody's/your freedom (membuat seseorang terikat)
   e.g : This is so annoying when her boyfriend ties her down

3. Devastated (adjective)
   -extremely shocked and upset (sangat terkejut dan sedih)
   e.g : We are devastated when our teacher passed away

4. Suburbs (noun)
   -an area where people live that is outside the central part of a town or city (pinggir bandar)
   e.g : It is so cozy to stay in the suburbs

5. miserable (adjective)
   -very unhappy (sedih , muram )
   e.g : She looks miserable after getting the result

   -too small or of bad quality (sangat sedikit)
   e.g : I'm not going to buy for a miserable thing


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