Vocabulary log #22

1. Rigmarole
   -a lengthy and complicated procedure
   -eg : I hate going through the rigmarole of securing the front door

   -a long , rambling story or statement
   -eg : He told me some rigmarole of having lost his new Iphone 6 and macbook at the same time .

2. Acquaintance 
   -knowledge or experience something
   -eg : She has a little acquaintance about Finland language

   -a person a knows slightly, but who is not a close friend
   -eg : We're not even a best friend, just a casual acquaintance 

3. Conspicuous
   -easy to notice
   -eg : Wearing a bright colour of dress make her conspicuous in a crowd

   -attracting notice or attention by being great or impressive
   -eg : She makes herself conspicuous with her attitude

4. Sardonic 
   -showing that you do not like someone or something
   -eg : I automatically give him a sardonic smile

5. Pique 
   - a sudden feeling of annoyance / anger when someone has offended
   -eg : I was piqued by their lack of consideration and courtesy


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