Vocabulary Log #20

1. Threadbare (adjective)
   -having the nap worn down so that the filling or warp thread show through (lusuh)
   e.g : I love to wear threadbare shirt but I think this is the time to throw it away .

   -stale (basi)
   e.g : That novel is not so interesting but threadbare cliche

2. Trepidation (noun)
   - a feeling of fear that causes you to hesitate because you think something bad or unpleasant is going to happen . (kebimbangan)
   e.g : Shaking with trepidation, i stepped into the old abandoned house.

3. Malevolent (adjective)
   -having or showing a desire to cause harm to another person (berniat jahat)
   e.g : The malevolent villains try to rob her jewelery  .

4. Visage (noun)
   -a person's face (wajah)
   e.g : There's something hidden behind his visage of happiness

5. Hauteur (noun)
   -arrogance (sikap sombong)
   e.g : She walks into the hotel with hauteur .


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