Vocabulary log #13

1. Stride (verb)
   -to walk with very long step (langkah)
   e.g : He crossed the ditch in one effortlessly stride

2. Waddle (verb)
   -to walk with short steps while moving from side to side like duck (terkedek-kedek)
   e.g : They're giggling when seeing a fat man walks with a waddle .

3. Witless ( adjective)
   -very foolish or stupid (bodoh)
   e.g : There's no one can answer that witless question.

4. Impersonate (verb)
   -to pretend to be another person (menyamar)
   e.g : She impersonates her mother when gets a phone call from anonymous.

5. Rapture (noun)
   -a state or feeling of great happiness,pleasure or love (rasa sangat gembira)
   e.g : She is in rapture when being announced as the best student in her school for this year.


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