Vocabulary log #2

1. Shrug (verb)
   -to lift your shoulders as a way of showing that you do not know something or are not interested
     (mengangkat bahu)
   e.g : He shrugged everytime his friends asked him about that girl.

2. Rattle (verb)
   - to make a noise like hard things hitting each other or to shake something so it makes this noise
     (mendetar-detarkan , menggoncang)
   e.g : They rattle the ice in their glass at the same time .

3. Mourn (verb)
   -to feel and show great sadness , especially because somebody has died (bersedih, berkabung)
   e.g : All of the people are still mourning for the lost of MH370

4. Receding hairline (adjective)
   -(used about a man's hair) to fall out and stop growing at the front of the head
    (semakin botak di depan)
   e.g : That boy with receding hairline is my new classmate

5. Pretentious (adjective)
   -trying to appear more serious or important than you really are (menunjuk-nunjuk , berlagak)
   e.g : They said that we are pretentious when we speak in foreign language


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