Vocabulary log #16

1. Torment (noun)
   -something that causes extreme physical or mental pain (seksaan)
   e.g : Sitting still was a torment to me and caused a stressful life .

2. Scepticism (noun)
   -an attitude of doubting the truth of something (sikap ragu ragu)
   e.g : The teacher nodded with scepticism when listened to his excuses .

3. Remonstrate (verb)
   -to disagree and argue or complain about something (membantah)
   e.g : She always remonstrate every time I give my opinion .

4. Plausible (adjective)
   -possibly true (munasabah)
   e.g : The story is plausible enough but they still didn't believe it .

5. Presumptuous (adjective)
   -too confident especially in a way that is rude (terlalu berani)
   e.g : It's a little presumptuous of you to assume that I'm your new best friend just because I invited you along


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