Vocabulary Log #9

1. Hoarse (adjective)
  -(of a person's voice) sounding rough and harsh (serak)
   e.g : She didn't talk much because she had a hoarse voice as she got the sore throat

2. Obliterate (verb)
   - destroy utterly ; wipe out (menghapuskan)
   e.g : Kate is obliterating her memory with her ex-boyfriend

3. Smithereens (noun)
   -small pieces (berkecai)
   e.g : the stone hit the windshield and smashed it into smithereens 

4. Mutter (verb)
   - say something in a low or barely audio voice ,especially in dissatisfaction or irritation
      (merungut dengan suara perlahan)
   e.g : Please stop muttering, do speak it out loud .

5. Excruciating (adjective)
   -intensely painful (sangat sakit)
   e.g : Having a backstabbing friend is so excruciating.


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