Reading log #1


3 interesting words :

1. Demeanor (noun)
   - behavior towards others (sikap)
   e.g : Her calm demeanor put me at ease in my first class here.

2. Unnerving (verb)
   - to make someone feel afraid or upset and unable to think clearly (menggetarkan)
   e.g : The riding accident so unnerved me that for a while i was afraid to get back on a horse

3. Sporadic (adjective)
   -happening often but not regularly (sekali-sekala)
   e.g : Sporadic loud noise kept startling everyone

Short Response : 

     I like the novel because it tells the reader that there will be a way to settle any problem and move on . So do for the couple who had breakup . Kira do has the breakup formula and willing to help Joey to move on and obliterate his memory with his ex-girlfriend , Fiona. She tried her best so that Joey will continue his day as usual - not being a taciturn one. But at the same time, no one knew that Kira also help herself on her breakup . By advising others, we will automatically advise ourselves . Be good to others, and the good will come to you . Just live your life happily because every problems have their own medicine . Feel free to help other people in their problem because maybe there will be one time that we need someone desperately to settle our own problem.



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