Vocabulary log #4

1. Squabble (verb)
   -to argue in a noisy way about something that is not very important (bergaduh, bertengkar)
   e.g : When they were together they seem to squabble

2. Pathetic (adjective)
   -causing you to feel pity or sadness (menyedihkan)
   e.g : It is so pathetic to see the children crying for food .

   -very bad,weak or useless (teruk, lemah, tidak memuaskan)
   e.g : Our lecturer reminds us for not producing a pathetic work .

3. Irritable (adjective)
   -becoming angry easily (cepat marah )
   e.g : Please don't be an irritable one

4. Ought to (modal verb)
   -used to say what somebody should do
   -used to say what should happen or what you expect
   -used for asking for and giving advice about what to do
   e.g : We ought to drink more plain water everyday

5. Fidgeted (verb)
   -to keep moving your body,hands or feet because you are nervous,bored,excited,etc (meresah)
   e.g : He fidgeted nervously waiting for his mother's operation to be done .


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