Vocabulary Log #10

1. Distrungled (adjective)
   -angry or dissatisfied (merungut)
   e.g : The students were disgruntled because their school canteen sold the unhealthy foods

2. Utter (adjective)
   -complete , absolute (betul-betul)
   e.g : That girl is utter fascinating .

3. Overwhelmed (verb)
   -cover completely , submerge (menenggelami)
   e.g : The flood in Kelantan last year overwhelmed all of the houses and buildings

   -cause to feel embarrassed ,helpless,surprised (by someone kindness ) (sungguh terharu)
   e.g : I was overwhelmed of her kindness

4. Shiver (verb)
   -shake slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold , frightened or excited (menggigil)
   e.g : He is shivering when seeing a man wants to kill a little child

5. Treacherous (adjective)
   -guilty of or involving betrayal or deception (khianat)
   e.g : That treacherous man has a lot of enemies


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