Vocabulary log #6

1. Frown (verb)
   -to show you very angry ,serious,etc by making lines appear on your forehead above your nose
   (mengerutkan dahi)
   e.g : Elsa is frowning when her enemy dates her boyfriend

2. Mildly (adverb)
   -not very, slightly (agak sedikit)
   e.g : Audrey was mildly interested about the camp .

3. Lease (noun)
   -a legal agreement that allows you to use a building or land for a fixed period of time in return for rent (janjian sewaan , pajakan )
   e.g : He will move to another house when the lease on his apartment runs out

4. Resemble (verb)
  -to be or look like somebody or something else
   e.g : They said that I resemble my bestfriend

5. Fraternity (noun)
   -the feeling of friendship and support between people in the same group (persaudaraan, ukhuwah)
   e.g : I tell my friend that if one more person from my fraternity gets engaged before me, I'm done !


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